Orbitool description

Orbitool is a software, with a graphical user interface (GUI), specifically developed to facilitate the analysis of online Orbitrap mass spectrometric data. It is notably optimized for long-term atmospheric measurements and laboratory studies.

Hence, Orbitool can average long-term data while maintaining the mass accuracy by re-calibrating each mass spectrum, identify chemical compositions and isotopes, and export time series and mass defect plots. The noise reduction procedure in Orbitool can separate information from noise and greatly reduce the computational and storage expenses.

Orbitool is mainly coded in Python and was tested in Python 3.6 on Microsoft Windows as an operating system. If needed, all processed data can be exported for further analysis. The details of Orbitools’ features are presented in the following publication: https://doi.org/10.5194/amt-2020-267 and an executable Orbitool can be downloaded on this website. The users can either run Main.py via Python or Orbitool.exe without Python. An inscription is required to download the software and the Orbitool team should be acknowledged for providing tools for Orbitrap data analysis.